Saturday, August 05, 2006; Taxonomy / auto-categorization tools

DRAFT: Taxocop is all commercially licensed stuff. I fully intend to link open source tools, or ruminate on how to do it in python, C, weka and R.

Taxocop's taxonomy tools
(found at Swik. )

Univ. Western Ontario prof's ruminate about tagging (Western, as well as Waterloo, Queens, U of Toronto, are top-notch unis, but nobody knows about them in the U.S.). Reminiscent software people talking about Christopher Alexander & design patterns, so I probably won't read this either.
(found at Facetag)

Masters thesis about delicious and flickr. This one's interesting.
(from facetag also)

Facetmap: what's their algorithm? (start reading at page 8)

Interesting conceptual ruminations here


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